Everyone Else Is Sleeping

"..who's some kind of pervert or some rotten piece of meat then..."

Monstrous Fucking Teeth

Carve out my insides, we're alike -




"What marriage is this?"

Little Death

"...battling waltz whose
music is gasping
intercourse and whose conductor is
an animal in your skin who let a
book seduce who let knuckles
cow you who let fingernails
mark you who let spit
scour you who let some
gull feather elevate you to
the most incredibly fleeting
nowhere until you were back
somewhere and with me
under a hat
breathing heavily"

In His Perfect Image

"One day you
wake up and your hands are
there is no noble savage here, never was,
no I became this way."

Some Kind of Incredibly Erotic Hell

"...I couldn't
scream happily like some stupid
dog or pull at her and
pull everything into me,

Chastity Belt

"preteen horror, oh sparrow full stomach
god, the shore sped from us so now we place
our trust in you"

Dream Addiction

"...escapist masturbate,
you piece of furniture."

Humility Wolf

"...he told me I should kill somebody with just my hands,

said he'd done it, it made him a man.

it was a woman even, a lamb then, some girl..."

Sky King

"...his coronation? I fell asleep.
I'm a good christian boy I cried..."

Flesh of Christ

"...is some foreign fruit..."

Good Friday

"...and she is not some sexy albatross - never was.
drink your warm milk and touch her small photograph. say a prayer then. "


You are an indoor cat,
you golden prize, let
yourself be looked at


You molted so beautifully,

Is Where I Live Is Where

"for accepting the fate of boys"

Moby Dick

The most dangerous thing in the world can be getting what you want.

Swallow Me

so I am a key, this earth is a lock, I...

Who Am I?

That time makes new things old
makes beautiful things un
beautiful makes us ugly strangers makes
each and every word from my lips
a desolate sound or place


You can breathe now in this place

Who Hangs Heavy

Subsurface, cloudthought, hell

Burning Love

i am the god of brevity...

"then wake me"



There's so much fuel for burning love now
how long will it last

Only a Bathtub Full

...when my lungs could hold more...

Fleeting, Fucking Fleeing

Oh these dreaming days followed by
disembodied nights, who wakes up exhausted
from punishing sleep only to punishing self

Whose phases are more varied and numerous
than a fistfull of moons, whose hands are [becoming a]
foreign flesh

Who soon won't recognize herself,
who I could only hope to keep

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

...but the black hole in my gut doesn't bode well... we can only hope for happy endings...

Slow Steps Carefully

I have nothing left to hide, so
I have nothing left to fear.

I Dream Of 1.6180339887.....


Sleeping Sickness

...with my eyes and with my hands and with everything I am...